Custom Hypnosis Recording Service

ATTENTION:  Would you like your own hypnosis sessions recorded just for you, your situation, and what you
specifically need help with?  Powerful, effective hypnosis you can listen to as many times as needed to promote
the changes you wish? All delivered online without any inconvenient, awkward office visits? Want help to lose
weight? Stop smoking? Other issues? Then read on.  

Welcome to the custom hypnosis recording services of Dr. Randy Gilchrist, licensed clinical psychologist. Here
you will learn about my custom hypnosis, my credentials, and how hypnosis works in general.  Questions?
Contact me at or at (916) 899-4990 (text). When ready to order, click here.  Otherwise,
please read on.

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1) Custom Hypnosis Recording Service
2) Common Issues Helped by Hypnosis
3) How this Service Compares to Live Hypnosis
4) What Hypnosis Is / How It Works
5) The Effectiveness of Hypnosis
6) Research on Hypnosis
7) About Myself and My Credentials
8) Articles on Hypnosis

1) Custom Hypnosis Recording Service:

With this service, you simply let me know what it is you would like the help with, for example, weight loss,
smoking cessation, or other addiction or anxiety related issues. I will then create and record personalized
hypnosis session recordings for you that address you by name and help you specifically with what you are
needing assistance with and the challenges you need help with to overcome. These sessions will then be sent
directly to your email box where you download them to your computer and then upload them to your preferred
listening device: cell phone, MP3 player, etc.

Very convenient--no office visit required! Basically, just listen regularly from there and the changes will follow.
Powerful, effective, all natural help to increase your motivation, focus, and commitment to change and improve
your life.

For more details about my custom hypnosis recording service, read the
ordering instructions.   

2) Common Issues Addressed by Hypnosis:

Clinical hypnosis is a powerful and effective therapy technique promoting powerful, all-natural change and
improvement through strengthening one’s psychological motivation, focus, and commitment. The mind is the
single most powerful factor in any emotional or behavioral change. Condition your mind, and powerful, positive
changes to your habits and emotions will follow. I use hypnosis to help my clients with many issues and
challenges, including (but not limited to):

*weight loss
*smoking cessation
*stress/anxiety management
*grief/loss/life adjustments
*letting go of the past/resentments
*relationship issues
*performance anxiety
*pain management
*other issues, habits, addictions, and anxieties

There is nothing scary or mysterious about clinical hypnosis. With my hypnosis recordings, you’ll just sit or lie
down, make yourself comfortable, push play on your music player (MP3 player, computer, CD player, etc.), close
your eyes, and simply relax and focus on my voice for about 25 minutes (the typical length of my hypnosis
sessions). You’ll have the easy part. Throughout the session, I’ll offer various directives to further relax,
visualize some different scenes, and give many direct and indirect suggestions throughout to change and
improve your life according to your goals and desires.

3) How this Service Compares to Live Hypnosis

Live hypnosis is good, but in many ways my custom hypnosis recording service is much better.  Most live
hypnosis sessions do not include an audio recording of the sessions, which means all of the psychological
conditioning and improvements you want need to occur in the live office session, which is a lot to ask. Most
issues people possess are more challenging than that. Effectiveness tends to be limited, often requiring many
additional live visits to the hypnotist's office for more and more costly sessions, often over months of visits and
sessions. Very costly and inconvenient.

On the other hand, with this high quality, highly effective custom hypnosis recording service, you will only need
to purchase 1-4 hypnosis audio sessions which will be created and recorded just for you that you can listen to
over and over as many times as needed to condition and strengthen the suggestions for positive change over
weeks, months, and years.  Included will be easy to follow step-by-step session use instructions as well.

Furthermore, because no physical office visits are required--the sessions will be emailed right to you for
download--my service is much more convenient than live hypnosis. Finally, the overwhelming majority of
hypnotists out there are not doctoral level, licensed clinical psychologists like me. Most just have an easily
obtained hypnosis certification, often through an online course or book. Therefore, the quality of the hypnotist's
hypnosis skills are often highly questionable. You can know you will be getting a high quality result with my
service because of my graduate level degrees, psychotherapy licenses, and experience in the world of
psychotherapy and hypnosis.    

4) What Hypnosis Is / How It Works:  

By being in a more relaxed, focused state (called a "trance"), your usual conscious resistance against change
naturally lowers, helping you to become much more open to and accepting of the suggestions to change that
follow.  Then, as your mind naturally begins to promote these changes and ideas, your physical and emotional
feelings improve accordingly, followed by behavioral and lifestyle changes. Remember—your mind is in charge.
Hypnosis is simply a way to tap into the immense powers of your mind to promote the changes you wish. Using
your mind for change is much more effective than struggling against the old conscious and subconscious
attitudes that have kept you stuck and frustrated for so long.

Each personalized session is recorded just for you, addressing you by name, with my professional grade
microphone and computer. That way, you’ll reinforce and greatly strengthen your new mindset repeatedly
whenever you can simply relax, focus, and listen to your personalized sessions at home.  The more you
practice, the more you will further strengthen and accelerate your positive changes and improvements. I
suggest listening to one session each day whenever you can close your eyes, relax, focus, and have about 25
minutes of private time to yourself. If you are too busy to listen at any other time, listening as you lie down for
bed at night is fine.  Falling asleep to the hypnosis is acceptable, although you will gain even more from it when
you stay awake and collaborate with the suggestions.    

NOTE:  have no fear—you are always in control during the hypnosis.  You always have the power.  Even though
you’ll be in a more relaxed, focused state, you will never do anything that you wouldn’t be willing to do in real
life.  Therefore, there is nothing scary or mysterious about hypnosis.  Think about it—we all naturally drift in and
out of trance states each day.  Clinical hypnosis simply utilizes these psychological states to promote powerful,
positive changes in your life.

5) The Effectiveness of Hypnosis:

Clients and customers often ask me some version of the question, “how effective is hypnosis?”  My response is
that it is very effective for most things people come in for, most of the time.  However, since I’ve done hypnosis
since 2001, I’ve noticed that the ultimate effectiveness of the hypnosis will generally depend much more on your
focus and practice than most other factors.  Therefore, you can have strong confidence in the effectiveness of
my hypnosis services if you commit to: 1) do your best to relax and focus during the sessions, and 2) regularly
practice your sessions to reinforce the positive changes that follow.

Hypnosis is not a “magic bullet” for change, as there is none.  However, used correctly and persistently,
hypnosis is the single most powerful and effective therapeutic technique to promote change that I’m aware of.  
I've seen it change lives and do wonders for those willing to engage in the process. Just remember that if you
can reasonably relax, focus, and visualize, and you possess an inner desire to change, then hypnosis will likely
be very helpful to you.

I can personally attest to hypnosis as a wonderful, powerful approach to promote positive change. I myself have
lost and kept off over 70 pounds through the hypnosis I received back in 2001.  I act as my own testimonial and
my own reference.  I went from 273 pounds down to 200, and have stayed around 203-207 pounds ever since.  
Feel free to email me and I will send you some of my own “before” and “after” pictures:

6) Research on Hypnosis:

Some prospective hypnosis clients ask if hypnosis as a therapy technique in general has been shown to be
effective.  In short, yes it has.  Very much so.  Below you will find a few brief research studies of the many out
there supporting the effective use of hypnosis.  Here is some research support for three of the more popular
reasons people seek hypnosis:

Weight Loss:

In a meta-analysis collecting numerous studies on hypnosis and weight loss, this study found that dieters
receiving hypnosis lost about 2 ½ times more weight than those not receiving hypnosis, and that these losses
became stronger with time

(Source = Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Volume 64, Issue 3, June 1996, Pages 517-519).

Smoking Cessation:

A study found that those engaging in at least 4 sessions of hypnosis were able to quit smoking with a 66%
success rate, versus the lower success rates of attempting to quit through other means, such as will power (2-
7%), medication (25%), or behavior modification (25%).

(Source = Hammond, D.C. (1990). Handbook of hypnotic suggestions and metaphors. New York: W. W. Norton).

Pain Management:

A study of 200 women cancer patients by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine receiving hypnosis before
surgery reported about half of the pain, intensity, unpleasantness, nausea, fatigue, and discomfort afterwards.

(Source = Journal of the National Cancer Institute Volume 99, Issue 17, August, 2007, Pages 1304-1312).

7) About Myself and My Credentials:

I’ve been doing psychotherapy since 1996 and hypnosis since 2001.  I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 8
years of annual 3-day hypnosis training seminars with world renown expert Dr. Michael Yapko—hypnosis
trainer of graduate-level psychotherapists. Complimenting my hypnosis training and certification, I also
possess a Doctorate in Psychology and 2 mutually supportive graduate-level psychotherapy degrees and
licenses (in clinical psychology
and in marriage & family therapy). I regularly work with custom hypnosis clients
referred to me through the online referral service Thumbtack. To view my Thumbtack profile and reviews, please
visit my Thumbtack profile by clicking

NOTE:  Interestingly, hypnosis today is often conducted by those possessing a "hypnosis certification" only
with no psychotherapy degree or license whatsoever. Since hypnosis is a technique
of psychotherapy, that's
somewhat like having some training in just 1 surgery technique and actually doing surgeries, but without going
to medical school or possessing an MD. Risky and questionable. Truth be told, there are no mandated
requirements for such hypnosis certifications and their requirements and training quality vary widely. Therefore,
it is best to find a hypnotherapist like myself with a legitimate graduate degree and license in some form of
psychotherapy: clinical psychologist, marriage & family therapist, or clinical social worker.

I look forward to working with you!

Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D.
1899 East Roseville Parkway #100
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 899-4990

8) Articles on Hypnosis:

*Need more information on clinical hypnosis?  Below you will find some brief articles reviewing the basics and
benefits of hypnosis from highly respected sources:

--Web MD:

--Mayo Clinic:

--American Psychological Association:
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