Custom Hypnosis Recording Service
for Bad Habits and Addictions

**Clinical Hypnosis is a powerful, effective way to overcome bad habits,
addictions, and other issues.  All natural, cost effective, private, and
convenient. I record your hypnosis sessions just for you and send them to you
through email--no travel or office visits required.  Learn all about it now by
reading below:

    Common Issues Helped With This Service--

Sexual / Intimacy Issues:

--Pornography / Masturbation
--Online Affairs / Cyber Cheating
--Emotional Affairs / Emotional Infidelity
--Infidelity / Cheating
--Sexual Compulsions / Fetishes
--Relationship Problems / Conflicts / Trust
--Other Sexual Problems / Issues / Disorders

Substance Use / Abuse:

--Smoking / Tobacco / Nicotine
--Marijuana / Weed
--Prescription / Medication Abuse
--Illicit / Illegal Drugs
--Emotional Eating / Binge Eating / Eating Disorders

Other Addictions / Compulsions / Bad Habits:

--Video Games
--Internet / Social Networking (such as Facebook) / Texting
--Shopping / Spending Sprees / "Retail Therapy"
--Workaholism / Type A Personality / Life Imbalance
--Nervous Habits: Nail Biting / Tics / Fidgeting / Fussing / Other Compulsions
--Anger Problems: Arguing / Verbal Abuse / Cussing & Swearing
--Obsessive Thoughts: Fears / Paranoia / Insecurities / Racing Thoughts
--Excessive Guilt and Self Blame / Self Esteem Issues / Self Shaming
--Codependency / Over Accommodation / Enmeshment

Other Problems / Issues:

--Weight Loss (Eating Better, Eating Less, Exercising More, Eliminating Junk Food,
--Depression and other mood disorders
--Pain Management
--Many Other Issues / Challenges / Disorders (just ask)


**Do you (or someone you know) struggle with an addiction, compulsion, or
bad habit that you can't seem to break?  Is your willpower and self discipline
not enough to prevent relapse, guilt, remorse, and regret?  Could you use
some extra motivation, strength, commitment, and focus to finally overcome
your problem?  

**Would you like to add a powerful, effective boost in place of or in addition to
your other usual efforts to change: counseling, addiction groups, self help
books, church, etc?  Ready to feel good and healthy again? Want your esteem
back? Ready to be happy again? Need something convenient, affordable, and
all natural?

Hello, my name is Dr. Randy Gilchrist—a licensed doctoral level clinical
psychologist and hypnosis expert practicing since 1997 here in the
Sacramento, CA area.  Please read on to learn all about my special custom
hypnosis recording service I created just for Salt Lake City Weekly readers.

Questions? Comments? Contact me any time at or text
me at (916) 899-4990. I'd love to hear from you and help you out right away.  


**For your convenience, simply scroll down to whichever of the 7 sections you
wish to learn about below in the following order. Whenever you've learned
enough and are ready to order, just click the
order link to be led through the
simple ordering process:

1)  Overview of My Custom Hypnosis Recording Services (+ Prices):
2)  About Addiction, Bad Habits, and How Clinical Hypnosis Can Help:  
3)  Benefits of This Service:
4)  Using this Service:
5)  About Dr. Gilchrist:
6)  Testimonials:
7)  Motivational Quotes to Consider:

1)  Overview of My Custom Hypnosis Recording Services (+ Prices):

I am offering a unique and important service here:   high quality 25-30 minute
customized hypnosis sessions personalized and recorded just for you, sent
right to your email to listen on your cell phone, I-Pod, tablet, computer, etc.
Your session(s) will address you by name, will be created exactly for what you’
d like help with, and will help you powerfully and effectively accomplish your
goals. I’ve found that 1-4 sessions of hypnosis are ideal to promote strong,
effective lasting change with challenges like addictions, compulsions, and bad
habits. The more stubborn / extensive the addiction or bad habit, the more
helpful additional sessions (2-4+) are to order either at once or over time as
money allows.  However, depending on your budget, 1 session alone is still
very helpful if that is all you order. (Plus you can always add additional
sessions later as needed).   

The prices for this specialty service for my time as an experienced and licensed
doctoral level clinical psychologist:

Session 1:  $150
Session 2:  $125
Session 3:  $125
Sessions 4+:  $100

I’ve worked in counseling since 1997, starting in Logan, Utah (at my Masters
program at Utah State) to San Diego, CA (at my Doctoral program) to Roseville,
CA (in my current private practice). I have been conducting hypnosis for a
number of issues since receiving my graduate level hypnosis specialty training
in 2001. Since pornography in all of its forms is so pervasive, I have decided to
offer my services here to those around the world based upon the immense
demand and need for extra help with this particular addiction, as well as other
common addictions, compulsions, and bad habits. Simply put, many people are
struggling and are looking for some additional professional assistance beyond
counseling, self help books, and medications. That is where this service is so

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2)  About Addiction, Bad Habits, and How Clinical Hypnosis Can Help:  

Negative times in life are tough to deal with, leading to stress, anxiety,
loneliness, boredom, anger, and so on. Sometimes we want an immediate
shortcut to self soothe away these difficult feelings. Something quick and
powerful. Other healthier solutions are more difficult and can take time. This is
why we often go to some addictive choice--sexual outlets, drugs, gambling, etc.
Over time, these self defeating choices become habits and even addictions that
are very stubborn and resistant to change.  This is where clinical hypnosis can
be so helpful.  

Simply put, clinical hypnosis is a technique of psychotherapy where the
hypnotist (me) has the person sit or lie down, close their eyes, and simply
listen and focus to the relaxing words for about 30 minutes. This hypnosis
includes strategic suggestions to relax, visualize, and trigger positive change /
improvement in their lives.  The power of hypnosis is this—as the recipient
relaxes and focuses, their usual conscious resistance to change naturally
lessens, making them more accepting of the positive suggestions to change
that follow throughout the session.    In otherwords, over time and with
practice, you will better believe and embrace the new and improved ways of
thinking, feeling, and acting to break your addiction or habit.

Therefore, when you choose this custom, personalized hypnosis service, you
will be working to improve your psychological conditioning inside, helping you
to a) develop greater pleasure and positives towards becoming strong and
healthy, and b) associate some additional pain/discomfort towards making self-
defeating choices (such as looking at pornography).  Over time and practice,
this new, positive motivation and commitment eventually translates into
improved behaviors to break the stubborn chains of addiction and
unhappiness.  And while there is no way to exactly know how much listening
will be required to help a person break an addiction or bad habit--every person
is different--from my experience, 1-4 sessions of customized hypnosis + some
regular listening (such as at bedtime) is a great, effective way to dramatically
speed up the change process.

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3)  Benefits of This Service:

*Boosts Motivation, Focus, Strength, and Mindset to Change and Improve
*Personalized to You, Addressing You by Name
*Taylor Made to Your Specific Goals
*Complements, Enhances, and Supports Other Resources to Change, Such As
Counseling, Addiction Groups, Self Help Books, Etc.
*Powerful and Effective
*Bypasses Conscious Resistance to Change
*1-4 Sessions to Help in Multiple Ways from Different, Complimentary Angles
and Suggestions
*Private and Confidential
*Unlimited Listening
*Unlimited Customer Support by Email (As Needed)

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4)  Using this Service:

Hypnosis is a very powerful, effective way to help your mindset, motivation,
and commitment improve to accomplish a wide variety of goals including
overcoming pornography addiction. Here’s how this works: You simply answer
the questions below, and within 2 weeks (7-14 days), I will send you your 1-4
personalized hypnosis recordings by email for you to download to your
computer or tablet, and then upload to your preferred listening device from
there for unlimited practice (i.e., cell phone, I-Pod, etc.). Included with your
hypnosis downloads will be simple instructions for using your recordings and
other helpful supplementary information.  Then, you’ll just regularly listen to
your sessions whenever you can simply close your eyes, relax, and focus—
such as before going to sleep.  From there and over time, you will notice your
focus, motivation and commitment increase, your behaviors change, and
yourself improving and getting closer to your goal of being healthy and
addiction / habit-free—from the inside out!  Regular listening can definitely help
promote powerful change in all of the areas mentioned previously and more.  
So, if you are ready to change and improve your life, let’s get started!

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5)  About Dr. Gilchrist:

I am no web designer or marketer, so I probably won’t be dazzling you here
with this long, rambling web page. However, I am a real, actual clinical
psychologist and hypnosis expert in private practice in Roseville, CA, since
1997 ( I am also an original contributing member of The
Hypnosis Network, a collection of world class, Doctoral-level hypnosis experts
considered tops in their respective fields (
com/therapists/therapists_rgilchrist.php).  Therefore, yes, I have solid, world-
class hypnosis credentials. Please email me with any questions about myself or
my services and I would be happy to answer. Send to:  

I have been doing clinical live face-to-face hypnosis in my private practice
office since 2001 ( I’ve also created professional-
quality hypnosis self-help programs over the years for weight loss (
www., smoking cessation (www.hypnosisnetwork.
com/hypnosis/quit_smoking.php), and stress/anxiety (www.hypnosisnetwork.
com/hypnosis/stress_anxiety.php). (Note: personalized, custom hypnosis
recordings are much better and more effective than pre-recorded, one-size-fits-
all hypnosis sessions).

So, I invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to find the extra
power and motivation to accomplish your goals and overcome your


Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified Hypnotherapist

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6)  Testimonials:

(Sources:  my Thumbtack client referral service at; my
self help hypnosis programs mentioned previously):

"I went to Dr. Gilchrist to stop drinking. I have not had a drink since our first
session. The four sessions were very helpful and reviewing the sessions are a
great reinforcement."
Ted L.
December 29, 2014

"I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized hypnosis session. I never
expected a hypnosis session to produce any substantial difference in how I
felt. I loved the mood set by the musical elements in the background as well as
Dr. Gilchrist's tone of voice. I also enjoyed how personalized my hypnosis
session was. My name, occupation, likes and dislikes were all effectively
mentioned during my session; I didn't feel as if I had received a cookie cutter
hypnosis session. I now listen to it nightly and it has helped me feel a lot better
about my work and to not stress as much as I used to. I'd recommend Dr.
Gilchrist to anyone seeking a hypnotherapist who is caring and takes the time
to study his patients."
Juwan J.
October 12, 2014

"Dr. Gilchrist was kind enough to offer me a personalized hypnosis session.
I've recently taken on a large workload at work. It's become almost unbearable.
The stress has become so severe, that it seems easier to just give up. Dr
Gilchrist's session has done wonders in helping me cope with that stress--
relieving it from my body. At about 25 minutes, it is the perfect length for me to
fit into a busy schedule.
His vocal direction is soothing, almost transcendent. It's easy to get lost in the
gentle sound of his voice. After a long day of work I'd come home, sit in my
comfiest chair, play the session on my iPod...and just unwind. Not only does
the session assist in removing stress from my mind, but it gives me something
to look forward to everyday. The almost 'out of body' experience is so
enjoyable, and rewarding, that it's hard more me to focus on the negative
aspects of life. This session has been a true life saver. I truly appreciate it. I've
learned how to handle stress, and how to move past it. Thank you."
Korey B.
September 11, 2014

"Dr. Randy Gilchrist provided recorded custom hypnosis sessions for me.I was
having trouble losing weight lots of fatty food and a busy schedule caused a 20
lb weight gain.Dr.Randy Gilchrist asked a series of questions and created my
custom hypnosis session.The recordings were clear,soothing and very
effective.I listen to a session every morning and so far I haven't had a craving
for the fatty foods I was used too.I recommend the hypnosis session for
anyone who needs the extra motivation to lose weight."
Marletta W.
September 9, 2014

“I was satisfied that I was dealing with a professional hypnotherapist who
understood how to treat someone.”
Fred Kelly

“Thanks a lot for your caring and support. I really appreciate your kindness, Dr.
Gilchrist. You are a wonderful counselor, teacher, leader, and doctor who cares
about people’s healthy living. May God bless you. You gave me tips about
weight loss, and it was very helpful and taught me a lot. Whenever I needed
support you were there for me. Best,”
Lisabeth Koki
Sunnyvale, California

“Dear Dr. Gilchrist, I had wrote you a while back thinking the program wasn’t
working for me. I have come to believe that if I want something to work–it will.
So, I made a decision that the program would bring me the results I was
seeking. I am happy to report that I have exercised everyday for seven days in
a row. Although I still eat some junk food, not nearly what I was eating and I am
starting to fit back into my clothing. I thank you for your part in my success!”
Respectfully, Laurie Bancroft Sylvania, Ohio, USA

“Dr. Gilchrist’s voice is soft with a soothing cadence. He is extremely effective
at helping the listener relax and focus. I found myself coming away.
encouraged and motivated to make changes in my life.”
Terry Martin

“Your system is helpful because it provides many alternatives to try; it is user-
friendly and easy going. I would recommend this system to others because it is
a very good motivator.”
Anna Laleni
Thessaloniki, Greece

The program is going better than I expected. It seems that I have responded
well to not eating unless I am “hungry” and making better food choices. I do
see positive effects. I am not flawless but it does seem to be working. The
positive changes I have experienced in eating and how I feel about myself is
amazing. You have made me feel good about eating less and thinking more of
myself as I work towards my goal. Thank You so much.”
Leslie Ginn
Stockton, California

“It is going well.I find that EXERCISE is taking up the rest of the free time I
have. YEAH!!! I find that I think a lot more before and during my scheduled
eating and I am more reluctant to eat mindlessly. It is the MINDSET that makes
me feel like a success.
I’ve already lost six pounds and I’m upping the exercise using weights. The
desire to mindlessly eat is gone…I think about and enjoy each bite. My cravings
are just hunger and then I think about what I am truly hungry for like water or
food. I listen to at least one (session) per day plus one before bedtime.
Alice D’Agostino
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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7)  Motivational Quotes to Consider:

"Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him who
believeth."--Mark 9:23 (Bible--KJV)

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an
unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable
you to attain the success you seek.” --Mario Andretti

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”—Mother Teresa

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." --George Elliot

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing --
that's why we recommend it daily." --Zig Ziglar

"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They
vary in their desires to reach their potential." --John Maxwell

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and
looks like work." --Thomas A. Edison

“The rewards go to the risk-takers, those who are willing to put their egos on
the line and reach out to other people and to a richer, fuller life for
themselves.” --Susan RoAne

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
--Robert Frost

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