Self-Pay Fees
My  standard self-pay fees for counseling ($130/hr.) represent the average "going rate" for a Doctoral-level, dual-licensed
psychotherapist like myself in the Roseville/Granite Bay Area area.  Here are several reasons why my services are worth the price:

1)  In general, counselors possessing higher levels of training, qualifications, education, and experience like myself tend to produce
better results. In short, with counseling, you usually get what you pay for.

2)  Working together will serve as a "preventive maintenance" or an early intervention to help you overcome your problems/issues
before they get too far out of control (and lead to even
more serious consequences).

Think about it this way: working with me will almost always cost much less financially and emotionally than if you end up paying for a
medical doctor or a lawyer to fix the problem when it's often too late. MDs and lawyers end up coming into your life after you put off
getting the
quality counseling you need to lower your stress levels, improve your relationship, and/or overcome your self-defeating
habits/addictions. Have you seen how much  MDs and lawyers charge? Sometimes between $500-$1,000 an hour
or more. Plus, they
aren't as enjoyable to work with. Why go through all of that when you don't have to? Quality counseling is a much better alternative.

To illustrate: quality counseling is like getting your car serviced just before or at the early-mid stages of your car breaking down. On
the other hand, working with medical doctors and lawyers is usually like having your car completely break down, having it towed,
paying a huge bill, having no way to get around for a while, and going through the agony of telling yourself  "I should have taken care of
this problem much sooner".

3)  Most importantly, going to a highly qualified counselor like myself is an excellent way to find the health and happiness you desire
for your life. There is always a better way we can approach and deal with our life. Counseling with an outside, objective, highly trained
professional is an excellent resource to identify and implement these better ways.

In general, the healthier you learn to approach your life, the happier you will become.  If you're not healthy and happy in your life, than
what else matters? Ask yourself, "How much is my health and happiness worth"?  It's your life. Why not learn to enjoy it as much as


Unless otherwise arranged, my standard counseling fees are as follows:

45-50 minute session:              $130        (Regular Counseling--Non-Hypnosis*)
75-minute session:                    $190        
90-100 minute session:            $260        

A lower fee may be made available on a case by case basis based on demonstrated need and/or special circumstances.  This will
need to be mutually agreed upon in writing.

Clients are responsible to pay all fees up front before the session. The accepted methods of payment are by check or cash (exact
amount only). Soon, I also plan to accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) and ATM/debit cards
(with a major credit card symbol). If interested, ask me about these options.

*My clinical hypnosis sessions are a specialty service and are subject to different fees than my regular counseling sessions.  Go to
my hypnosis page for more information by
clicking here.

**For more information regarding payment options, please visit my "Self Pay vs. Insurance" page by clicking the button link on the far
left or by
clicking here.
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